A Taste of Malta


Nested between the island of Sicily and the tip of North Africa, lies an archipelago collectively forming the country of Malta. Though small in size, it is packed with over 7,000 years of history with sites predating Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. Due to its location, it has an eclectic mix of Mediterranean flare owing to its many influencers from the Romans, Italians, Arabs, Knights of St. John and the British.

gozoblueholeAn anytime destination, Malta has the kind of climate where sun and summer sports, like golf, can be relished January through December.  Typical lows in the winter months linger in the 50’s. If relaxing on the beach is more your flavor, you have well into October to enjoy those pursuits. My favorite beach would be the intimate, quiet sandy shores of Ghajn Tuffiehe Bay but there are plenty to choose from to fit your personality including Armier Bay, St. George Bay, Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, and Mellieha Bay.

Malta has 3 main islands clustered together; Malta, Gozo and Comino. This makes it easy to include island hopping in your itinerary. Popular activities include a dip in the famed Blue Lagoon and a deep sea diving adventure on Comino Island, one of the top international destinations for the sport. Gozo Island is well known for the Blue Hole and Azure Window where no trip to Malta can be considered complete without a sail on a luzzu to these striking natural wonders.nightlife

Malta has a laid back family centric culture producing a wide variety of activities and establishments catering to whole family entertainment and adventure. However, couples and singles won’t be left out, as Malta has a vibrant nightlife scene most readily experienced in the Paceville district on the southern end of Malta Island and also the Bugibba district in the north.

Are you from Malta or have you been? What’s on your must do list?


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