Roaming the Mexican Riviera

Chichen Itza Mexico Cancun Riviera Maya Maya Ruins

The Riviera is Mexico’s 6,000 miles of coastline spanning four oceans and seas. From Riviera Maya to Riviera Nayarit on to the Baja coast there are incredible resorts, excursions and immersion possibilities for the curious traveler.  Our southern neighbor has a plethora of beach towns, cities and states that are more than safe for travelers to traverse. There are also options for the budget minded and for those looking to experience the lap of luxury.

Riviera Maya 023Mexico is well known for its beautiful beaches and master plan resort areas. Riviera Maya is arguably one of the most popular and visited areas in Mexico with a wide diversity of lodging options from rustic to luxury. It not only attracts the beach comber but also the cultural enthusiast due to its proximity to Maya archeological sites like the walled city of Tulum and Chitchen Itza, recently added to the New 7 Wonders of the World list. Who hasn’t heard of Cancun? It is popular for not only its beauty but its endless options for entertainment. It is just a short excursion away from many other attractions and towns in the Yucatan Peninsula such as Puerto Morales, Isla de Mujeras and many more.

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How to Create Amazing Travel Experiences

“7 Essentials to an Amazing Travel

If you are looking to kick your travels up a notch the “7 Essentials to an Amazing Travel Experience” is your source of actionable steps to get the most out of your time and investment. As a valued client of Boundless Views Travel Company, we work with you to realize your vision of an amazing experience. Secure our “7 Essentials to an Amazing Travel Experience” free planning guide by simply entering your information below and a link to this content will be conveniently provided in your email.

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Singapore Sling Anyone?

Merlion at night

Singapore is a small city-state and island on the southern tip of the Asian continent. August 9, 2015 will mark 50 years of independence so there is no better time to highlight this diverse and modern destination. Singapore’s popularity is only growing as it is well-known for its rich history and culture, strong economy, adventure activities, family-friendly venues, vibrant night life and luxury amenities.  

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TSA Pre✓®: Is it for you?


In the world of travel, security check points are easily one of the top areas of annoyance for many. It’s one of those evitable love hate relationships, can’t live with them but can’t live without them. There are many ways one can ease the inconveniences of this necessary ritual, such as arriving early, packing light, having electronics easily accessible and of course following directions with an oh so pleasant demeanor. However, inconveniences are bound to happen sooner or later. This is the nature of travel.

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A Little Extra Security


Have you been excited and ready to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? In that excitement, have you ever embarked on a much needed getaway without leaving the details of your trip with a loved one? Whether traveling domestically, internationally, solo, with family or a group it’s a great idea to leave your itinerary with someone you trust. It will definitely come in handy if there is an emergency but also if you somehow lose your travel documents. This travel summary can be handed over, emailed or sent via text…whatever you prefer. This simple summary will give you peace of mind and an added sense of security. It should, at least, include the following 7 items:

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A Taste of Malta


Nested between the island of Sicily and the tip of North Africa, lies an archipelago collectively forming the country of Malta. Though small in size, it is packed with over 7,000 years of history with sites predating Stonehenge and the Pyramids of Giza. Due to its location, it has an eclectic mix of Mediterranean flare owing to its many influencers from the Romans, Italians, Arabs, Knights of St. John and the British.

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Switzerland – More to Love!


What comes to mind when you think about Switzerland; chocolate, cheese, skiing the Swiss Alps, or its iconic distinction as a peace loving neutral country?  Well Switzerland is all that and more. Not only is it a beloved and admired winter sports mecca but its natural wonder, history, people and progressive planning make it a top travel destination winter, spring, summer and fall.

No matter the season there are options for nightlife, art, culture, festivals and adventure. It is also known for world class shopping, spa and relaxation, picturesque views and gourmet dishes of German, French and Italian roots.

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Know Before You Go



Have you ever entered a room and everyone was chatting away but you had no idea what they were talking about or what was going on? Imagine that feeling on your next vacation. There is benefit in knowing a little bit about your travel destination before you embark on your dream excursion. Check out the links below to helpful sites to start your destination research.

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